Daily History

by Granny Pharaoh

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Recorded in Somerset, KY from January 2015 to July 2015 by Boone Williams.


released October 2, 2015

All songs written,performed,recorded and produced by Boone Williams
Album Design, Art, Photographs by Nathan Paul Isaac

A BIG 'Thank You' goes out to: Savannah King, Nick Coleman, Suckmusic Records, Burn Hislope, Phil Claunch, Nathan Isaacs, Brandon Claunch, Shane Gilmore, Kingbee people everywhere, Sandy Baker, Aaron Todd, Dana Stogsdill, Charles Harding Morrison, Matt Dick, Daniel Stroud, Roy Rhodus, George Wilson, Renee Wilson, Bart Williams, Jake Williams, Shelby Williams, Chris Gates and everyone that has helped and supported me along the way, I couldn't do it without you, THANKS from the bottom of my heart -BW



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Granny Pharaoh Somerset, Kentucky

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Track Name: Out of everywhere, here's a spot for you.
Well even if you understand the map, do you know the roads that your taking?
And even if you know which way to go, do you have the time?
Some lies were told then, the air is drawing them out.
If you get hazy we can always roll the windows down.
And I don't really care where we're going.
It works out cus' we know the same places, and out of everywhere here's a spot for you.
Some lies were told then. I know it's all you want to hear.
We'll leave it unspoken, well even though we're out in the open.
Wanna drive you home,
Wanna take you for the night,
Wanna get you there to get toasted.
Wanna watch my t.v?
Wanna hang out on the couch?
We've got an evening here, let's waste it.
And I don't really care where we're going,
No I don't really care where we're going.
It works out cus' we know the same places.
Track Name: New People
New legs to run on your feet,
use them come back to me.
New words to talk so you speak,
use them to call on me, call on me.
New places to go and to see.
New roads to drive with me.
New people to know socially,
use them to hang with me. Hang with me.
New things to do secretly.
Use this for you it's free.
New money to burn endlessly.
With you talk is cheap. Talk is cheap.
New eyes for all that you see,
use them to look back at me.
New faces and people to be,
use them to be with me. Be with me.
Track Name: Grass will grow
Bring a friendly face to wear for me.
Maybe find a town, and maybe never leave.
New friends around, I gotta say we're in deep.
And all around the house we're catching up on sleep.
And the grass will grow, so cut it down like trees.
Something cool to drink, some lemonade-ice tea.
Got new friends to find what they don't like about me.
At home with your lovely wife, but nothing comes for free.
Giving up all the time on conversation.
Alright? hell yeah.
Alright? hell yeah.
If you could only outside, alright?
Make this last through the weekend if you can.
Alright? Hell yeah.
Giving up all the time on conversations.
Track Name: Goodnight
So the day from the start I won't lie it's been hard.
The things I needed couldn't find them anywhere.
Cus' the time it dragged by but gave way to the night, the things that happened I don't really even care.
Say hello, say goodbye. Pay your bills, wait in line and then the day will eat itself but yet again
you wake up, a head start, read your lines play your part. My eyes are heavy and the evening's getting thin. So Goodnight.
And alone I can deal.
Give myself time to heal until the morning or at least until I wake.
So for now close my eyes, level out, clear my mind. A little space is good for everybodies sake. So Goodnight.
Track Name: Ever
Nothing could ever take your place in the painting in my mind of the yard tonight.
Bare feet, a smile on your face.
Bathed in the light of the firefly.
Nothing could ever take your place.
No one could ever understand what it means to me that we're staying in tonight.
Turn on the t.v.
Everything will be alright.
We can be who we want, saying our favorite lines.
Nothing could ever take your place sitting here with me on the couch tonight.
Night comes and your out in the yard just like I thought,
Shining your light out in the dark.
Smoke your cigarrettes and let's get on with it,
Sometimes you have to know when it's enough.
Nothing could ever take your place.